Code (Swift 3.0), UI and UX by Inga Kytchanova.
Subconscious Vision Board helps you bypass your conscious mind to plant ideas directly into your subconscious via rapid-fire images together with carefully worded positive affirmations. Use it to reprogram your mind to create the reality you want to live in! If you are on an iPhone, you can download it here.

My role in the project:

  • I’ve set up Core Data and UserDefaults as the backbone of this app.
  • Implemented local notifications to help users achieve their life goals.
  • Implemented first-time user tutorials based on a set of rules.
  • Customized a UICollectionView which holds the photo objects.
  • Added the long-press gesture recognizer for editing the board.
  • Created signing identities, provisioning profiles and certificates for the App Store submissions process and shipped the app.

Now live in the Apple App Store.