ImSad was created to help alleviate the feeling of isolation that comes with bouts of sadness. Sometimes all it takes is acknowledgement from another person to chase sorrow away. We wanted to make that acknowledgement easy and delightful in order to provide a small, but meaningful connection with someone. If you are on an iPhone, you can download it here.

My role in the project:

  • As the sole developer on the app, I’ve set up the information architecture, backend databases and coded the ImSad app in Objective-C.
  • I’ve also implemented push notifications and wrote server functions in JavaScript.
  • A lot of care and attention went into making each interaction delightful with animations and sounds.
  • Implemented in-app purchases, ad support and analytics.
  • Also implemented MapKit, CoreLocation and AVFoundation frameworks among others.
  • Made some of the app’s features dynamic by passing them through a JSON file hosted on the server.
  • Created signing identities, provisioning profiles and certificates for the App Store submissions process and shipped the app.

Now live in the Apple App Store.